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Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 2

Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 2

Name _______________________             Score ______/50_


A  Complete the text with the words from the box. Each word can only be used once. There are three extra words.

vivid            remember           fond             poor             painful              names and faces

good            memory           memories            know by heart            vague            forgetting

How good is your (1) _______?

Many people seem to have problems trying to (2) _______ things like telephone numbers, dates and addresses. In fact, the number of people who admit to having a (3) _______ memory when it comes to such things as (4) _______ is staggering. It seems that (5) ______ things is something most of us are good at. Sure, there are particular sights or sounds that might bring back (6) _______, for example a song we listened to when we were young might conjure up a memory from our past. In many cases these memories are rather (7) _______ and we often can’t quite place when or where the event took place. Occasionally, a memory might be so (8) _______ that we almost feel we are back at the point when it happened. Unfortunately, such memories are often (9) _______ ones, or ones we’d rather forget.

B  Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences.

(10) A standard deck / suit of cards has 52 cards.

(11) There are four cards / suits: diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts.

(12) Can you pack / shuffle the cards well?

(13) Each player is dealt / shuffled two cards.

(14) Players look at their cards and then bet on the hand / odds they have.

(15) The first card is dealt face up / value so that everyone can see it.

(16) The most experienced players keep track of / card count what has happened before.

C  Complete the sentences with the expressions from the box. Each expression can only be used once. There are three extra expressions.

bad way        big way        change my ways        get your own way       give way      go back a long way

know your way around            pave the way             roundabout way              went out of your way

work my way up              wrong way round

(17) I know I’m starting from the bottom, but I’m determined to _______ and be successful.

(18) You really didn’t need to do that. I realise that you _______ just to help me. Thanks.

(19) A: How well do you _______?

B: Not at all. I’ve never been here before.

(20) Excuse me! Do you know you’re wearing your jumper the _______?

(21) Did you hear? Brad had an accident and he’s in a really _______.

(22) I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I promise I’ll _______.

(23) A: How long have you known Ahmed?

B: Oh! I don’t know exactly, but we _______.

(24) It doesn’t matter what you say. You’re not going to _______.

(25) All that hard work really helped _______ for his success.


D  Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences.

(26) I often have difficulty to remember / remembering people’s names.

(27) Can you remind me to call / calling Mum tonight?

(28) Do you deny see / seeing him last night?

(29) I’m sorry. I can’t allow you to do / doing that.

(30) To forget / Forgetting things more frequently is usual as you get older.

(31) I’ll try and persuade him to help / helping us.

(32) You really must try / trying to concentrate.

E  Complete each sentence so the meaning is the same as the original.

(33) Memory loss is normal as people get older.

People expect ____________________________________________.

(34) Most people find it difficult to learn things by heart.

Most people have difficulty ____________________________________________.

(35) Criticizing people can be very easy as you get older.

It can be very easy ____________________________________________.

(36) Experts say it’s important to drink lots of water to improve your memory.

Experts recommend ____________________________________________.

(37) Trusting people can be very difficult.

It can be ____________________________________________.

(2 points for each sentence)

F   Complete the sentences with the words from the box. Each word can be used only once.

as         exactly            far          fewer             like                     more           slightly             such

(38) The _______ times I visit the better I like it.

(39) It’s not _______ bad as it could be.

(40) It really isn’t _______ a bad thing to do.

(41) It’s a bit _______ trying to remember a dream after you wake up.

(42) It’s _______ harder than I thought it would be.

(43) I’m sure it’s in _______ the same place as it was before.

(44) There are _______ people here than I expected.

(45) He’s the cleverest person I’ve met by _______.





Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 2

Answer key




1 memory  

2 remember  

3 poor  

4 names and faces  

5 forgetting  

6 memories  

7 vague  

8 vivid  

9 painful



10 deck  

11 suits  

12 shuffle  

13 dealt  

14 hand  

15 up  

16 keep track of



17 work my way up  

18 went out of your way  

19 know your way around  

20 wrong way round  

21 bad way  

22 change my ways  

23 go back a long way  

24 get your way  

25 pave the way





26 remembering  

27 to call   

28 seeing  

29 to do  

30 Forgetting  

31 to help  

32 try



33 (some) memory loss as they get older. / to lose their memory as they get older.

34 learning things by heart.

35 to criticize people as you get older.

36 drinking lots of water to improve your memory.

37 (very) difficult to trust people.

(2 points for each sentence)



38 more  

39 as  

40 such  

41 like  

42 slightly  

43 exactly  

44 fewer  

45 far



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