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Blogger: sby who puts on their website a personal record giving an account of their activities and their opinions, and discussing places on the Internet they have visited

Misfortune: bad luck.

To wonder: (about sthg) to think about sthg and try to decide what is true, what will happen, what you should do, etc.

Widely: by a lot of people; in or to many places.

To point out: to mention sthg in order to give sby information about it or make them notice it.

To urge: to advise or try hard to persuade sby to do sthg.

To drive sby to distraction: so that you become upset, excited, or angry and not able to think clearly.

To have it up to here: to be unable to accept a situation any longer.

To be sick to death: extremely; very much.

Shambolic: (BrE, informal) lacking order or organization, chaotic, disorganized.

Outfit: a set of clothes that you wear together, especially for a particular occasion or purpose.

Masquerade: (formal) a way of behaving that hides the truth or a person’s true feelings. A type of party where people wear special costumes and masks over their faces, to hide their identities.

Misnomer: a name or a word that is not appropriate or accurate.

To choke: choke (on sthg) to be unable to breathe because the passage to your lungs is blocked or you cannot get enough air; to make sby unable to breathe.

To turn up: (of a person) to arrive.

Full-to-bursting: to be very full of sthg; to be very full and almost breaking open.

To sail past: to move quickly and smoothly in a particular direction; (of people) to move in a confident manner.

Weary: very tired, especially after you have been working hard or doing sthg for a long time.

Infuriating: making you extremely angry.

To lay on: to put, to start using.

To turn sby away from: to refuse to allow sby to enter a place.

Congested: crowded; full of traffic.

To give sby a piece of one’s mind: (informal) to tell sby that you disapprove of their behaviour or are angry with them.

To kick up a fuss: (informal) to complain loudly about sthg.

To get on sby’s nerves: (informal) to annoy sby.

Smooth-talking: (usually disapproving) talking very politely and confidently, especially to persuade sby to do sthg, but in a way that may not be honest or sincere

Unit: a piece of furniture, especially a cupboard, that fits with and matches others of the same type.

To burn sthg down: to be destroyed, or to destroy sthg, by fire.

Fillet: a piece of meat or fish that has no bones in it.

To blacken: to make sthg black; to become black

Remains: (of sthg) the parts of sthg that are left after the other parts have been used, eaten, removed, etc.

Flyer: a small sheet of paper that advertises a product or an event and is given to a large number of people.

Nasty: very bad or unpleasant.

To moan about sthg: (informal) to complain about sthg in a way that other people find annoying.

To get things off your chest: to talk about sthg that has been worrying you for a long time so that you feel less anxious.

To vent: (formal) to express a feeling, especially anger, strongly.

Knowingly: while knowing the truth or likely result of what you are doing; deliberately.

To get sby wrong: (informal) to not understand correctly what sby means.

Hoop: a large ring of plastic, wood or iron.

To object to sthg: to say that you disagree with, disapprove of or oppose sthg.

To swing: to move backwards or forwards or from side to side while hanging from a fixed point; to make sthg do this.

Upside down: in or into a position in which the top of sthg is where the bottom is normally found and the bottom is where the top is normally found.

Fire-eater: an entertainer who pretends to eat fire.

Juggler: a person who juggles, especially an entertainer. To juggle: to throw a set of three or more objects such as balls into the air and catch and throw them again quickly, one at a time.

To show off: (informal, disapproving) to try to impress others by talking about your abilities, possessions, etc.

To freak sby out: (informal) if sby freaks or if sthg freaks them, they react very strongly to sthg that makes them suddenly feel shocked, surprised, frightened, etc.

To get up one’s nose: (BrE, informal) to annoy sby.

Load: (informal) a large number or amount of sby/sthg; plenty.

To mutter: to speak or say sthg in a quiet voice that is difficult to hear, especially because you are annoyed about sthg.

To shriek: to give a loud high shout, for example when you are excited, frightened or in pain.

To bellow: to shout in a loud deep voice, especially because you are angry
To snap: to speak or say sthg in an impatient, usually angry, voice.

To stutter: to have difficulty speaking because you cannot stop yourself from repeating the first sound of some words several times.

To grunt: (of people) to make a short low sound in your throat, especially to show that you are in pain, annoyed or not interested; to say sthg using this sound.

To whine: to make a long high unpleasant sound because you are in pain or unhappy. To complain in an annoying, crying voice


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