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Vineyard: a piece of land where grapes are grown in order to produce wine; a business that produces wine from the grape it grows in a vineyard.

Frugality: using only as much money or food as is necessary.

Senior: high in rank or status; higher in rank or status than others.

Budget: low in price.

Cut-price: at a reduced price

Haul: the distance covered in a particular journey.

Economy: the cheapest class of air travel.

To offload: sthg/sby (on / onto sby) to get rid of sthg/sby that you do not need or want by passing it/them to sby else.

Day-to-day: involving the usual events or tasks of each day.

Running: the activity of managing or operating sthg.

Flatpack: (BrE) a piece of furniture that is sold in pieces in a flat box and that you have to build yourself.

Occasional: [only before noun] happening or done sometimes but not often.

Sole: only; single.

Dourness: (of a person) giving the impression of being unfriendly and severe.

Penny-pinching: (disapproving) unwilling to spend money.

To permeate: (of an idea, an influence, a feeling, etc.) to affect every part of sthg.

To trade: (in sthg) (with sby) to buy and sell things.

To set up: to build sthg or put sthg somewhere.

In bulk: in large sizes or quantities.

To MAKE a profit

Disused: [usually before noun] no longer used.

To undercut: to sell goods or services at a lower price than your competitors.

Showroom: a large shop / store in which goods for sale, especially cars and electrical goods, are displayed.

To tinker with: to make small changes to sthg in order to repair or improve it, especially in a way that may not be helpful.

Breakthrough: an important development that may lead to an agreement or achievement.

Bulky: (of a thing) large and difficult to move or carry.

To hit upon an idea: [no passive] to think of a good idea suddenly or by chance.

Tabletop: the top or the surface of a table.

Shop floor: the area in a factory where the goods are made by the workers.

To pass down: [often passive] to give or teach sthg to your children or people younger than you, who will then give or teach it to those who live after them, and so on.

Transient: continuing for only a short time. Fleeting, temporary.

Disposable: made to be thrown away after use. Available for use.

To hand out: To distribute.

To release: to make sthg available to the public.

Figures: [C, often pl.] a number representing a particular amount, especially one given in official information.

Duties: taxes.

Trust: (business) a group of companies that work together illegally to reduce competition, control prices, etc.

Holding company: a company that is formed to buy shares in other companies which it then controls.


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