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Easy-going: relaxed and happy to accept things without worrying or getting angry.

Unapproachable: (of a person) unfriendly and not easy to talk to.

Disruptive: causing problems, noise, etc. so that sthg cannot continue normally.

Keen: enthusiastic about an activity or idea, etc.

Misbehaviour: bad behaviour.

Views: points of view.

Inner city: the part near the centre of a large city, which often has social problems.

To break down: to destroy sthg or make it disappear, especially a particular feeling or attitude that sby has.

Ferocious: very aggressive or violent; very strong. Salvaje.

On the brink of: if you are on the brink of sthg, you are almost in a very new, dangerous or exciting situation.

Shutdown: the act of closing a factory or business or stopping a large machine from working, either temporarily or permanently.

Hush: a period of silence, especially following a lot of noise, or when people are expecting sthg to happen.

To be glued to sthg: (informal) to give all your attention to sthg; to stay very close to sthg.

To spring up: to appear or develop quickly and/or suddenly.

To come alive: (of a place) to become busy and full of activity.

To restrain: to stop sby/sthg from doing sthg, especially by using physical force.

Playground: an outdoor area where children can play, especially at a school or in a park.

Troublesome: causing trouble, pain, etc. over a long period of time. Annoying, irritating.

Overwrought: very worried and upset; excited in a nervous way. Distraught.

To stagger: to walk with weak unsteady steps, as if you are about to fall.

Template: a thing that is used as a model for producing other similar examples.

Purposeful: having a useful purpose; acting with a clear aim and with determination.

Assembly: a meeting of the teachers and students in a school, usually at the start of the day, to give information, discuss school events or say prayers together.

To pull together: to act, work, etc. together with other people in an organized way and without fighting.

Ball: dance.

Gasp: a quick deep breath, usually caused by a strong emotion.

Ripple: a sound that gradually becomes louder and then quieter again.

Chatter: continuous rapid talk about things that are not important.

Ragged: not smooth or controlled.

Chant: words or phrases that a group of people shout or sing again and again.

To swarm: (often disapproving) (of people, animals, etc.) to move around in a large group.

To kick: to hit sby/sthg with your foot.

To thump: to hit sby/sthg hard, especially with your closed hand.

To grab: to take or hold sby/sthg with your hand suddenly, firmly or roughly. To seize.

To rush: to move or to do sthg with great speed, often too fast.

Grip: (on sby/sthg) an act of holding sby/sthg tightly; a particular way of doing this.

Technician: a person whose job is keeping a particular type of equipment or machinery in good condition.

B&Q: any of a chain of large shops in Britain where people can buy materials to decorate or repair their homes. The shops also sell tools, furniture, etc. for the garden. They are named after Richard Block and David Quayle, who started the company. The company uses the slogan ‘You can do it when you B and Q it’ in its advertisements.

Bench: a long seat for two or more people, usually made of wood.

To update: to give sby the most recent information about sthg; to add the most recent information to sthg.

Hourly: done or happening every hour.

Tannoy: (BrE) a system with loudspeakers used for giving information in a public place.

To LIFT the spirits: Spirits: [pl.] a person’s feelings or state of mind.

To soothe: to make sby who is anxious, upset, etc. feel calmer.

To restock: sthg. (with sthg.) to fill sthg. with new or different things to replace those that have been used, sold, etc.; to get a new supply of sthg.

the odd one: [only before noun] (no comparative or superlative) happening or appearing occasionally; not very regular or frequent.

Can’t bear: (used with can / could in negative sentences and questions) to be able to accept and deal with sthg unpleasant.

That’s all right with me: that can be allowed.

To scroll sthg down: to move text on a computer screen down so that you can read different parts of it.

To drift: to move or go somewhere slowly.

Glimpse: a look at sby/sthg for a very short time, when you do not see the person or thing completely.

Flippant: showing that you do not take sthg as seriously as other people think you should.

To burn down: to be destroyed, or to destroy sthg, by fire.

Heartfelt: [usually before noun] showing strong feelings that are sincere.

Touching: causing feelings of pity or sympathy; making you feel emotional.


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