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Whodunnit: (informal) a story, play, etc. about a murder in which you do not know who did the murder until the end.

To amount to: to be equal to or the same as sthg.

So far: until now; up to this point.

Quay: a platform in a harbour where boats come in to load, etc.

Edge: the outside limit of an object, a surface or an area; the part furthest from the centre.

Meadow: a field covered in grass, used especially for hay.

Ground: soil on the surface of the earth.

To look into: to investigate.

Close: near.

Slope: a surface or piece of land that slopes (= is higher at one end than the other).

Stride: one long step; the distance covered by a step.

To check out: to find out if sthg is correct, or if sby is acceptable.

Odd: strange, weird.

To slow down: to go or to make sthg/sby go at a slower speed or be less active.

To bump into: to hit sby/sthg by accident.

Forensic: connected with the scientific tests used by the police when trying to solve a crime: forensic evidence / medicine / science / tests.
Fingerprint: a mark made by the pattern of lines on the tip of a person’s finger, often used by the police to identify criminals.

Tyre: a thick rubber ring that fits around the edge of a wheel of a car, bicycle, etc.

Smear: an oily or dirty mark.

Footprint: [usually pl.] a mark left on a surface by a person’s foot or shoe or by an animal’s foot.

Hasty: said, made or done very quickly, especially when this has bad results.

Awkward: making you feel embarrassed. Difficult to deal with.

In a rush: a situation in which you are in a hurry and need to do things quickly.

Bloody: (BrE, taboo, slang) a swear word that many people find offensive that is used to.

Bitter: (of arguments, disagreements, etc.) very serious and unpleasant, with a lot of anger and hatred involved.

To shoot: (figurative) to fire.

To do away with sby: (informal) to kill sby/yourself.

Remark: Comment.

To drum sthg into sby: to make sby remember sthg by repeating it a lot of times. To teach repetitively.

Tunnel vision: an inability to see anything more than a very narrow area of sthg.

Ragged: (informal) very tired, especially after physical effort.

Sigh: an act or the sound of sighing. To sigh: to take and then let out a long deep breath that can be heard, to show that you are disappointed, sad, tired, etc.

To fall into step: to change the way you are walking so that you start walking in the same rhythm as the person you are walking with.

Rough: not gentle or careful; violent.

To squeeze: to press sthg firmly, especially with your fingers.

To trip: to catch your foot on sthg and fall or almost fall.

To sprain: to injure a joint in your body, especially your wrist or ankle, by suddenly twisting it.

Impending: [only before noun] (usually of an unpleasant event) that is going to happen very soon. Imminent.

Closure: the situation when a factory, school, hospital, etc. shuts permanently.

To break down in tears: to burst into tears.

Greedy: wanting more money, power, food, etc. than you really need.



PAGE 144


To play innocent: to pretend to be innocent.

Delivery: the way in which sby speaks, sings a song, etc. in public.

Contempt: the feeling that sby/sthg is without value and deserves no respect at all.

Unshakeable: (of a feeling or an attitude) that cannot be changed or destroyed.

Righteous: morally right and good.

Animosity: a strong feeling of opposition, anger or hatred.

Self-restraint: the ability to stop yourself doing or saying sthg that you want to because you know it is better not to.

Deceit: dishonest behaviour that is intended to make sby believe sthg that is not true; an example of this behaviour.

Along the line: (informal) at some point during an activity or a process.

To trick sby into + -ing: to make sby do sthg by means of a trick.

Avid: extremely interested in sthg.

To recount: (formal) to tell sby about sthg, especially sthg that you have experienced.

Relish: great enjoyment or pleasure.

Grand: (dialect or informal) very good or enjoyable; excellent.

Cheat: a person who cheats, especially in a game.

To lead sby on: (informal) to make sby believe sthg which is not true, especially that you love them or find them attractive.

Disgust: a strong feeling of dislike or disapproval for sby/sthg that you feel is unacceptable, or for sthg that looks, smells, etc. unpleasant.

To betray: to hurt sby who trusts you, especially by not being loyal or faithful to them.

Forgiving: willing to forgive.

To stick it out: (informal) to continue doing sthg to the end, even when it is difficult or boring.



PAGE 150


To mimic: to imitate.

Caustic: critical in a bitter or sarcastic way.

Can’t bear: used with can / could in negative sentences and questions) to be able to accept and deal with sthg unpleasant.

To owe: to have to pay sby for sthg that you have already received or return money that you have borrowed.

To cheat on sby: to deceive sby.

Cool: calm; not excited, angry or emotional.



PAGE 154


Stuff: (informal) used to refer in a general way to things that people do, say, think, etc.

To move in: to start to live in your new home.
To lay on: to burden with, to provide.

To box in: to prevent sby/sthg from being able to move by surrounding them with people, vehicles, etc.

To marry off: (disapproving) to find a husband or wife for sby, especially your daughter or son.

Don’t get me wrong: do not be offended by what I am going to say.

To wince: (at sthg) to suddenly make an expression with your face that shows that you are feeling pain or embarrassment:.

Remorse: (for sthg / for doing sthg) the feeling of being extremely sorry for sthg wrong or bad that you have done.

To hang – hung – hung: to bend or let sthg bend downwards.

Overpowering: very strong or powerful.

Regular: ordinary; without any special or extra features.

Chap: (BrE, informal, becoming old-fashioned) used to talk about a man in a friendly way.

Slob: (informal, disapproving) a person who is lazy and dirty or untidy.

Disarming: making people feel less angry or suspicious than they were before.

Fry-up: (BrE, informal) a meal of fried food, such as bacon and eggs.

Fag: (BrE, informal) = cigarette.

Comfort: a thing that makes your life easier or more comfortable.

To bring up to scratch: to “help” sby or “change” sby to bring them up to a level (their behaviour, attitude, clothes, etc.) that is suitable for marrying.

To tart up: (informal) to decorate or improve the appearance of sthg, often in a way that other people do not think is attractive.

To pluck up courage: to make yourself do sthg even though you are afraid to do it




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