Posted by: crisdiaz24 | April 7, 2013

Unit 11 A Vocabulary Straighforward Advanced




Daffodil: tall, yellow-headed flowers that are one of the first to come out in spring. Narciso.

Rhyme scheme: rhyme pattern.

Beat: the main rhythm, or a unit of rhythm, in a piece of music, a poem, etc.

Vale: valley.

Host: a large number.

Fluttering: a gentle waving movement.

To twinkle: to shine with a light that keeps changing from bright to faint to bright again.

Milky Way: La vía lactea.

To sprinkle: to shake small pieces of sthg or drops of a liquid on sthg.

To jingle: to make a pleasant gentle sound like small bells ringing; to make sthg do this.

To mingle: to combine or make one thing combine with another.

Spray: very small drops of a liquid that are sent through the air, for example by the wind.

Quay: a platform in a harbour where boats come in to load, etc.

Bay: a part of the sea, or of a large lake, partly surrounded by a wide curve of the land.

Hay: grass that has been cut and dried and is used as food for animals.

At a glance: immediately; with only a quick look.

Sprightly: lively.

To bow: to move your head or the top half of your body forwards and downwards as a sign of respect or to say hello or goodbye.

To toss: to throw sthg lightly or carelessly. To move your head suddenly upwards, especially to show that you are annoyed or impatient.

To outdo: to do better than sby.

Sparkling: shining and flashing with light.

Gloomy: nearly dark, or badly lit in a way that makes you feel sad.

Gay: happy.

Cheery: (of a person or their behaviour) happy and cheerful.

Jocund: (formal) cheerful.

To seek-sought-sought: to look for.

Oft: often.

To flash: to shine very brightly for a short time; to make sthg shine in this way.

To smash: to break sthg, or to be broken, violently and noisily into many pieces.

To squash:  to press sthg so that it becomes soft, damaged or flat, or changes shape.

To gaze: to look steadily at sby/sthg for a long time, either because you are very interested or surprised, or because you are thinking of sthg else. To stare.

To glance: to look quickly at sthg/sby.

To browse: to look at a lot of things in a shop / store rather than looking for one particular thing.

To view: to think about sby/sthg in a particular way. To look at sthg, especially when you look carefully.

To stare: to look at sby/sthg for a long time.

Surreptitiously: done secretly or quickly, in the hope that other people will not notice. Furtively.

Blank: showing no feeling, understanding or interest.

To flutter: to move lightly and quickly; to make sthg move in this way.

To sparkle: to shine brightly with small flashes of light.

Seascape: a picture or view of the sea.

Mast: a tall pole on a boat or ship that supports the sails.

Steamboat: a boat driven by steam, used especially in the past on rivers and along coasts.


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