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Unit 12 B Vocabulary Straightforward Advanced



To guzzle: (informal, usually disapproving) to drink sthg quickly and in large amounts. In British English it also means to eat food quickly and in large amounts. Engullir, tragar.

To launch: to make a product available to the public for the first time.

Wearable: (of clothes, etc.) pleasant and comfortable to wear; suitable to be worn.

To strum: (on) sthg to play a guitar or similar instrument by moving your fingers up and down across the string.

Anthem: a song which has a special importance for a country, an organization, or a particular group of people and is sung on special occasions.

Elbow: the joint between the upper and lower parts of the arm where it bends in the middle.

Riff: a short repeated pattern of notes in popular music or jazz.

String: a tightly stretched piece of wire, nylon, or catgut on a musical instrument, that produces a musical note when the instrument is played.

To trail: to hang downwards over sthg or along the ground.

Budding: [only before noun] beginning to develop or become successful.

To trip over: to catch your foot on sthg and fall or almost fall.

To get entangled with: to become caught or twisted in sthg.

Apparel: (old-fashioned or formal) clothes, particularly those worn on a formal occasion.

Realms: an area of activity, interest, or knowledge.

Smart: intelligent.

Tag: a small piece of paper, cloth, plastic, etc. attached to sthg to identify it or give information about it.

Nearby: a short distance from sby/sthg; not far away.

Fabric: material made by weaving wool, cotton, silk, etc., used for making clothes, curtains, etc. and for covering furniture.

Update: the most recent information about sthg.

To make up: to form sthg.

Patch: a small piece of material that is used to cover a hole in sthg or to make a weak area stronger, or as decoration.

Likelihood: the chance of sthg happening; how likely sthg is to happen.

Display: an arrangement of things in a public place to inform or entertain people or advertise sthg for sale.

Ambient: [only before noun] (technical) relating to the surrounding area; on all sides.

Block: a large piece of a solid material that is square in shape and usually has flat sides.

To take by storm: to be extremely successful very quickly in a particular place or among particular people.

Preview: an occasion at which you can see a film / movie, a show, etc. before it is shown to the general public.

To rave: to talk or write about sthg in a very enthusiastic way.

Feature: characteristics.

To be embedded: to be fixed firmly into a substance or solid object.

Bladder: an organ that is shaped like a bag in which liquid waste (= urine) collects before it is passed out of the body. A bag made of rubber, leather, etc. that can be filled with air or liquid, such as the one inside a football.

Wireless: not using wires.

Link: a connection between two or more people or things.

Accordingly: in a way that is appropriate to what has been done or said in a particular situation.

Matter: only a few hours, minutes, etc.

To enable: to make it possible for sby to do sthg.

To tilt: to move, or make sthg move, into a position with one side or end higher than the other.

To pass on: to give sthg to sby else, especially after receiving it or using it yourself.

Check: an act of making sure that sthg is safe, correct or in good condition by examining it.

To monitor: to watch and check sthg over a period of time in order to see how it develops, so that you can make any necessary changes.

To sort sthg out: (especially BrE) to deal with sby’s/your own problems successfully.

Footwear: things that people wear on their feet, for example shoes and boots.

To catch on: to become popular or fashionable.

Spokesperson: a person who speaks on behalf of a group or an organization.


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