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UNIT 9 A vocabulary Straightforward Advanced



Unfair: not right or fair according to a set of rules or principles; not treating people equally.

To ban: to decide or say officially that sthg is not allowed. To prohibit.

To hinder: to make it difficult for sby to do sthg or sthg to happen.

Arrondissement: any of the areas Paris is divided into.

A stone’s throw away from: a very short distance away.

Chilly: (especially of the weather or a place, but also of people) too cold to be comfortable.

To repair: to say or do sthg in order to improve a bad or unpleasant situation.

To research: to study sthg carefully and try to discover new facts about it.

To drop by: to pay an informal visit to a person or a place.

At some point: at a particular time or stage of development.

Counter: a long flat surface over which goods are sold or business is done in a shop / store, bank, etc.

To while away time: to spend time in a pleasant lazy way.

Scholar: a person who knows a lot about a particular subject because they have studied it in detail.

Divorcee: (BrE) a person whose marriage has been legally ended, especially a woman.

Pinball: a game played on a pinball machine, in which the player sends a small metal ball up a sloping board and scores points as it bounces off objects. The player tries to prevent the ball from reaching the bottom of the machine by pressing two buttons at the side.

Alienation: the act of feeling that sby does not belong in a particular group or a particular place.

To pursue: to do sthg or try to achieve sthg over a period of time.

To amble: to walk at a slow relaxed speed. To stroll.

Therefore: used to introduce the logical result of sthg that has just been mentioned.

To punctuate: to interrupt sthg at intervals.
Storey: a level of a building; a floor.

Slope: a surface or piece of land that slopes (= is higher at one end than the other).

To draw up: to make or write sthg that needs careful thought or planning.

Scheme: (BrE) a plan or system for doing or organizing sthg.

Unequalled: better than all others. Unparalleled.
To squeeze: to press sthg firmly, especially with your fingers.

Tap: (especially BrE) (AmE usually faucet) [C] a device for controlling the flow of water from a pipe into a bath/ bathtub or sink.

To be sited: [often passive] to build or place sthg in a particular position.

Deadly: causing or likely to cause death.

Effluents: formal) liquid waste, especially chemicals produced by factories, or sewage.

Raw: [usually before noun] in its natural state; not yet changed, used or made into sthg else.

Sewage: used water and waste substances that are produced by human bodies, that are carried away from houses and factories through special pipes (= sewers).

To choke: to be unable to breathe because the passage to your lungs is blocked or you cannot get enough air; to make sby unable to breathe.

Picturesque: (of a place, building, scene, etc.) pretty, especially in a way that looks old-fashioned.

Scale: the size or extent of sthg, especially when compared with sthg else.

To be in order: if sthg is in order, it is a suitable thing to do or say on a particular occasion.

Mood: the way you are feeling at a particular time.

Side effects: an unexpected result of a situation or course of action that happens as well as the result you were aiming for.

To come down: to break and fall to the ground.

To alleviate: to make sthg less severe.

Low-rise: [only before noun] (of a building) low, with only a few floors.

Reinforced concrete: concrete with metal bars or wires inside to make it stronger.

Skyscraper: a very tall building in a city.

To marvel: to be very surprised or impressed by sthg.

At a stroke: with a single immediate action.

Sprawl: to spread in an untidy way; to cover a large area.

To spread: to open sthg that has been folded so that it covers a larger area than before.

To devour: (formal) to destroy sby/sthg.

In the process: a series of things that are done in order to achieve a particular result. At the same time and because of sthg.

To be devoted to: to give an amount of time, attention, etc. to sthg.

To dot: [usually passive] to spread things or people over an area; to be spread over an area.

Shore: the land along the edge of the sea or ocean, a lake or another large area of water.

To resent: to feel bitter or angry about sthg, especially because you feel it is unfair.

Needlessly: unnecessarily.

To compromise: to bring sby/sthg/yourself into danger or under suspicion, especially by acting in a way that is not very sensible.

Footpath: a path that is made for people to walk along, especially in the country.

Winding: having a curving and twisting shape.

Pedestrian: a person walking in the street and not travelling in a vehicle.

Smooth: completely flat and even, without any lumps, holes or rough areas.

To curve: to move or make sthg move in the shape of a curve; to be in the shape of a curve

Interchange: a place where a road joins a major road such as a motorway or interstate, designed so that vehicles leaving or joining the road do not have to cross other lines of traffic.

For the sake of: in order to help sby/sthg or because you like sby/sthg.

To untangle: to make sthg that is complicated or confusing easier to deal with or understand.

Arena: a place with a flat open area in the middle and seats around it where people can watch sports and entertainment. Place.

To fidget: (with sthg) to keep moving your body, your hands or your feet because you are nervous, bored, excited, etc.

Branch: a local office or shop / store belonging to a large company or organization.

Detention: the punishment of being kept at school for a time after other students have gone home.

To sell off: to sell things cheaply because you want to get rid of them or because you need the money

Auction: a public event at which things are sold to the person who offers the most money for them.

Via: by means of a particular person, system, etc.


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