Posted by: a2cristina | April 10, 2015

MY FATHER SINGS, TO MY EMBARRASSMENT – Grammar and Speaking activity

Read the following poem carefully. Try to understand the underlying meaning. In pairs, make up sentences referring to the author’s feelings. Use conditional structures, She wishes, If only, She’d rather,…

For example: She’d rather her father didn’t drink so much.



at Las Villas, a small Carol City bar with a makeshift stage,

where he spends too much time drinking,

pretending he can learn to play the guitar at forty-five,

become a singer, a musician,

who writes about “Que Difícil Es….”

to live in Spanish in Miami,

a city yet to be translated,

in a restaurant where he has taken us for Cuban food,

where I sit, frozen, unable to make a sound,

where Mother smiles,

all her teeth exposed,

squeezes my hand,

where Mae and Mitzy hide

under the table shielding them from shame

with a blood-red tablecloth,

leaving my mother and me,

pale-faced, trapped by the spotlight shining in our eyes,

making it difficult for us to pretend

we do not know the man in the white suit

pointing to us.


Sandra M. Castillo





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