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  1. Where does the word democracy come from?
  1. What is considered to be the birthplace of democracy?
  1. What did people speak about in front of their rulers?
  1. Who was not allowed to vote?

  1. Why was the Magna Carta so important?
  1. What kind of democracies do we have today?

  1. What can’t you vote for yourself?
  1. What does democracy protect?
  1. What three different branches is Power divided into?
  1. What must the way the government work reflect?
  1. What is one of the problems of democratic voting?
  1. Winston Churchill said that democracy is the ________________ form of government except for all the other forms that have been tried from time to time.




  1. the Greek
  2. Ancient Athens
  3. their concerns and opinions
  4. slaves – women – children – people who did not have  a land.
  5. It prevented the King of England from doing whatever he wanted / Even the King had to follow the laws and rules written in the Constitution.
  6. Indirect – Representative
  7. A new law
  8. The best interests of the people, no matter their race, gender political opinion or religion.
  9. legislative, executive and judiciary
  10. the wish, feelings, desires, values of the society that it governs, known as The General Will.
  11. The biggest groups of people always have the most power.
  12. worst

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