Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 6, 2015

Inversion – Rephrasing


  1. I have never before been asked to accept a bribe.

Never before

  1. He had hardly left the house when the storm broke.


  1. As soon as he had left the house the storm broke.

No sooner

  1. This switch must not be touched on any account.

On no account

  1. She rarely has any money to spare.


  1. He hardly speaks to anyone.


  1. The nation has seldom been faced with such difficulties.


  1. They had hardly started playing tennis when it began to rain.


  1. A father has seldom sacrificed so much for his child.


  1. You may not return after midnight on any account.

On no account

  1. He would not give up writing his satires under any circumstances.

Under no circumstances

  1. He realized the danger he had been in only after he had read the newspaper the following morning.

Only after

  1. They were not able to assess the damage until the floods had subsided.

Not until

  1. He only stays in bed if he is seriously ill.

Only if

  1. We only then realized how much he had suffered.

Only then

  1. He was only able to do the exercise with a great deal of effort.


  1. He didn’t manage to get permission until she had calmed down.

Not until

  1. He could only make himself heard by shouting at the top of his voice.

Only by

  1. No director has made such an intellectually challenging sci-fi movie since Kubrick’s 2001.

Not since

  1. He became so suspicious that he didn’t even trust his family.

So suspicious

  1. He was so anxious to start a new life that he actually changed his name.

So anxious

  1. He laughed so much that tears rolled down his cheeks.

So much

  1. Her business was so successful that Marie was able to retire at the age of 50.

So successful

  1. If you were less than delighted with our product, we will refund your money immediately.


  1. If you were to accept our offer, we could avoid the costs of a court case.


  1. If the builders were to finish their work to schedule, they would receive a bonus.


  1. If the tickets should fail to arrive before the departure date, we would arrange to have duplicates waiting at the airport.


  1. If the film had been released in the summer, it would not have been so successful.


  1. He had no money and his sister didn’t have any either.

He had no money, neither / nor

  1. They have no intention of paying and we don’t either.

They have no intention of paying and nor / neither

  1. I couldn’t face my father and Jane couldn’t either.

I couldn’t face my father and neither / nor

  1. Tom came in.


  1. Two large dogs jumped up.


  1. Half a dozen apples fell down.


  1. The body of our late lamented sovereign lies here.



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