Posted by: a2cristina | November 6, 2015

INVERSION – Rephrasing



  1. Rajoy has not only stressed that if the territorial integrity is not respected, the international system will also collapse.
  1. The Council of Ministers had hardly gathered when they approved aid to repair damage caused by storms.
  1. Now is not only the time to seek what unites us, but also to trust in the mechanisms of law.
  1. German car maker Volkswagen has not only denied cheating air pollution tests with its luxury diesel vehicles, but also with its smaller engines.
  1. We cannot say under any circumstances what caused the Sinai crash, say officials.
  1. There had never been such a serious plane accident in Egypt before.
  1. The plane did not suffer a serious breakdown on any account.
  1. As soon as the aircraft’s black box flight data recorders arrive for analysis at the Civil Aviation Ministry in Cairo, their analysis will begin.
  1. Austria’s cabinet not only proposed a bill to deter Afghan migrants from coming to the country, but they would also force most of them to wait for three years
  1. The Bible the police recovered in Turkey is not only thought to be a thousand years old, but it  is also written in the old Assyriac language.



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