Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 10, 2015

Inversion – Speaking activity

  1. What must you do if you want to pass your exams in June? (Only if)
  2. What should political parties do to win the next general elections? (Only by + ing)
  3. When are we going to know which political party will govern Spain for the next four years? (Not until)
  4. When will we have to write a composition? (Not till)
  5. When did you learn who your teacher would be? (Only after / Only when)
  6. Under what circumstances would you help a classmate during an exam? (Only if)
  7. When would you be able to run a marathon? (Only after / Only if)
  8. What will happen in Catalonia after the next elections? (Only after)
  9. Who will win on the 21 November, Real Madrid or FCB? (Only if)
  10. What would you do if it rained tomorrow? (Only if)

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