Posted by: a2cristina | November 10, 2015

The Omen –


  1. Mr. Robert Thorn knew his son had died at birth after he arrived at the hospital.

(Only after)

  1. He had never thought his baby would die.


  1. Priests don’t usually offer orphans as surrogate [1]children.


  1. Mr. Thorn accepted the offer and didn’t tell his wife what had happened.

(Not only … but also)

  1. Mr. Thorn didn’t share the secret with his wife.

(On no occasion)

  1. This sort of adoption seldom happens in real life.


  1. Mr. Thorn didn’t know much about the baby’s mother.


  1. Mr. Thorn hadn’t decided to keep the child until he saw the baby.

(Not until )

  1. Mrs. Thorn will never be able to bear another child.



[1] Surrogate: suplente, sustituto, en vías de adopción. Surrogate mother: vientre de alquiler.

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