Posted by: a2cristina | November 17, 2015

Inversion – Rephrasing

  1. They only realized they had done something wrong after the election results.
  2. The economy will not suffer further pressures only if the measures adopted are correct.
  3. There has not been such a recession since the seventies.
  4. We did not know the exact results of the elections until the following morning.
  5. You must only call me if your cold gets worse.
  6. The Euro is held together only by fear.
  7. We can only understand this period of history if we learn about its religious roots.
  8. The little girl could only see the Christmas Parade by sitting on her father’s shoulders.
  9. Cyber warfare policy will only be developed after a catastrophic event has occurred.
  10. I didn’t realise I had left my umbrella in the classroom until I reached the school front door.
  11. British economy will not be the biggest in Europe until 2050.
  12. You won’t go out until I say so!
  13. I can only relax when I am alone.
  14. Some teens only use the library when they have to do research on school projects.
  15. Reforms should be carried out only when the NHS is ready.
  16. You will only understand the history of the region when you visit it.
  17. Syria’s crisis can be settled only if the government lay down arms.
  18. You are only allowed to buy cigarettes if you are old enough.
  19. The government can only expropriate land if there is a genuine need.
  20. London Olympics did not start until 27th of July 2012.
  21. Mankind has not been denied so much knowledge as it does today since the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.
  22. So many election protesters had not been seen since the fall of the Soviet Union.

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