Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 17, 2015

The Secret Life of the Telephone – Video




  1. How must the string be if you want vibrations to travel to the cup at the other end?


  1. What does the cup at the other end work as?


  1. When was this fact discovered?


  1. What was the crinoline lady used for?


  1. What happened when the use of the telephone became widespread?


  1. Why did operator girls clock off at 8 pm?


  1. What were operators replaced by?


  1. How did phone conversations then begin to be transmitted?


  1. What replaced our old cabling system?


  1. How much information can be carried in this way?


  1. How are voices carried?


  1. How many mobile phones are there in use in the UK alone?



  1. taut
  2. diaphragm
  3. 1800s
  4. to cover ugly phones / to hide ugly phones
  5. they wanted to make them different
  6. they were not allowed to work the night shift.
  7. electronic switches
  8. on high frequency radio signals (called mocrowaves)
  9. optical fibers
  10. millions of bits of information at once
  11. along pulses of light, which make them arrive quicker and clearer
  12. 60 million



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