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Coca-Cola – Video



From minute 1:33


1. Why was 1886 a good year for cultural icons?

2. Where about in Atlanta was Pemberton brewing up what was going to be Coca-Cola?

3. What is known about Pemberton’s background?

4. What were civic leaders anxious to do in 1870?

5. Why was the union of Doc Pemberton and Frank Robinson peculiar?

6. What did Frank Robinson do?

7. What idea had Pemberton been tinkering with?

8. What was a Soda Fountain?

9. What beverages were offered at a Soda Fountain?

10. How did Pemberton try his magical formula?

11. When did he finally get his Cola drink?

12. Why was the name of Coca-Cola a fortunate choice?




  1. The Statue of Liberty was unveiled and Sherlock Holmes first strolled the literary streets of london.
  2. in his basement / cellar.
  3. he took some medical training, he trained as a pharmacist, he served in the Confederate Army, he settled in Columbus, Georgia.
  4. leave the wounds of the Civil war behind, make amends with the North, join the Industrial Revolution.
  5. Doc Pemberton was a handsome chemist, a Civil war hero: Frank Robinson was a diminutive yankee who fought for the Union, and he worked for a printing press.
  6. He had a career in advertising.
  7. A beverage.
  8. A place where women could go without fear of censorship, wherer you gathered with people, refreshed yourself, talked about politics.
  9. strawberry, chocolate, lemon mixed with carbonated water.
  10. He tool it to his pharmacy one drink at a time, gave it to his customers and if they liked it, tried another one.
  11. May 8th, 1886.
  12. It is catchy because of the repetiction of the oes and the as. 

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