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Find the answers to these questions as quickly as you can.


  • What do you call luggage that you carry with you onto a plane?
  • Correct this sentence: “I’m sorry, sir, you’ve got too many baggages.”
  • If you want to go somewhere but not come back, you buy a single. What do you buy if you want to go and come back?
  • Complete the phrasal verb with a particle: When we flew to Australia we stopped __________ at Bangkok.
  • Name a form of transport on which you would find an aisle. How do you pronounce aisle?
  • You pack before you go on a trip. What do you do when you arrive?
  • What is another word for the tube in London?
  • What do the British do in a subway?
  • What do the Americans do in a subway?
  • What’s another word for air hostess?
  • What’s the word for a person who goes travelling with a backpack?
  • What do you call a bedroom on a ship?
  • What is the word for a long journey by sea?
  • What do you call a holiday in which you pay for travel, accommodation and food (even occasionally excursions) in advance?
  • What adjective would you use to refer to a place which is still in a beautiful and natural state; which has not been damaged or changed by people?
  • Complete the sentence with a suitable word: “Before you go abroad, don’t forget to get some foreign c__________y or traveller’s cheques.
  1. Which places have you ever been to that could be described as…
  • Breathtaking? (this word suggests that something is so magnificent that it takes your breath away).
  • Exotic?
  • Luxurious?
  • Mighty? (river / cathedral/ trees) (large and powerful).
  1. Have you ever been to the UK? If so, where did you go? What did you see / do / visit?
  1. Which of the following would you expect to find on a visit to the UK?

Royal palaces, ceremonies and parades, hot weather, good coffee, good music, museums and galleries, ski slopes, sandy beaches, lakes, mountains, bacon and eggs, street cafés, pubs, fast food Exotic food.

  1. What type of impressions might people get about your country from tourist brochures or films? What do visitors from abroad come to see in your country? What do they come to do?
  1. Describe the main tourist areas in your country and say why you think overseas visitors like coming.
  1. Will you go away at Easter? If so, for how long? Where will you go?
  1. What do you look for in holiday?
  • Peace?
  • Excitement?
  • Action?
  • Rest?
  • Sun?
  • Activity?
  • Exercise?
  • Social contacts?
  • Entertainment? The nightlife?
  • Culture?
  • The landscape?
  • The cost of the holiday?
  • The tourist facilities?
  • Other?
  1. Which type of holiday do you prefer?
  • Camping holidays
  • Walking holidays
  • Skiing holidays
  • Cycling holidays
  • Beach holidays
  • Cruise holidays
  • Sightseeing holidays
  • Adventure holidays
  • Package holidays
  • Caravan holidays

1O. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?




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