Posted by: crisdiaz24 | February 17, 2016

It is / It was Cleft Sentences

In pairs, answer the following questions with a sentence beginning with IT IS or IT WAS.



  1. Where are the BAFTA awards given?
  2. Who has travelled to Cuba and Mexico in the last days?
  3. When did Spain join the E.C.?
  4. Where did a submarine volcanic eruption occur in 2011?
  5. From what country is the PM who has been sentenced to 19 months in prison?
  6. Who landed on the Moon in 1969?
  7. Which FCB player was operated on a few days ago?
  8. Where was a person dragged into the sea by a wave yesterday?
  9. When do the Spanish winter sales begin?
  10. What bullfighter has filed a paternity suit against his father?





  1. Who has won the BAFTA as best actor?
  2. In what country were four hospitals bombed yesterday?
  3. When will Cervantes centenary be celebrated?
  4. Who was the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Spain?
  5. Where were two atomic bombs dropped in 1945?
  6. Whose armada was meant to invade England in the XVI Century?
  7. Where is Iker Casillas playing as a goalkeeper now?
  8. When will the session to vote in a new Spanish PM begin?
  9. Where is Urdangarín being tried?
  10. What have scientists discovered that help prove Einstein’s theory?



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