Posted by: a2cristina | March 8, 2016

Ways of Walking – Questions


”Walking is man’s best medicine.”



  1. When do you usually go for a stroll? Do you sometimes stroll along the Sardinero beach?
  2. Do you know anyone who strides rather than walks in a more normal way?
  3. Do you sometimes have to slow down because your stride is much longer than somebody else’s?
  4. When does one usually staggers?
  5. When did you last see anyone stagger home?
  6. Have you ever seen soldiers marching, e.g. in a parade?
  7. Have you ever suffered a fall or an accident which made you limp?
  8. When do someone’s children usually tiptoe?
  9. Have you ever waded across a river?
  10. Have you ever seen babies walking on all fours? What do they do?
  11. Have you ever been ice-skating? If so, was is difficult to slide over the ice?
  12. Is your mind often wandering? Do you have difficulty concentrating?
  13. Do you like wandering and exploring new places, looking at what surrounds you?
  14. In what circumstances would anyone crawl?
  15. Do you like creepy-crawlies?


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