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Advertisements- Cloze test


Fill in the gaps with ONE suitable word.

We are bombarded by many advertisements every day. Vendors try all means and ways to 0) __________ our attention and sell us their products or services. Advertisements appear everywhere; on television programs, radios, in the papers, magazines, pamphlets and so on.

Advertisements are actually very useful 1) __________ we sometimes feel annoyed when they interrupt our favorite television programs. They provide us 2) __________  free information on the products and services. There are two types of advertisements. The informative advertisements are the ones which give us the details of the products or services. This information is especially useful if the product or service is new. For instance, when we need to buy a computer, advertisements describing the 3) __________ models and their different functions would be extremely helpful. However, only a minority of the advertisements are informative ones. Many of them 4) __________ to the second category — the persuasive kind. Not only  5) __________ these advertisements tell us more about the products, at the same time, they persuade customers to buy them by claiming that their products are superior to the rivalry ones. These claims may sometimes be untrue.

6) __________ from being informative and persuasive, advertisements also help to subsidize the prices of magazines and newspapers. Our newspapers are sold 7) __________  a low price of about one dollar, owing to the advertisements in the papers; otherwise, the price would have been higher.

While advertisements can be good helpers for shopping, they do have their shortcomings. Most advertisements aim to sell only. Faults of the products or services are usually hidden from the consumers. Therefore, sometimes, we feel deceived if the product or service we bought does not turn 8) __________ the way the advertisements claim to be.

Sometimes, advertisements by rival competitors can get very intensive, especially when there are many firms producing similar products. One common example is washing powder. There are so many advertisements for the different 9) __________ that customers sometimes get confused over what they should buy. Furthermore, having more advertisements would mean that the production cost of the firm would be increased. These rises in cost are usually passed on to the consumers in the form of higher prices.

In conclusion, although I do advocate advertisements, I do not deny their flaws. 10) __________ them, we might have to buy things based on incomplete information or go through more complicated ways before getting to know the products or services. On the other hand, too many advertisements also complicate our buying decisions. So I would say that we cannot live without advertisements but we must be careful how we live with them.


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  2. WITH
  5. DO /CAN
  6. APART
  7. AT
  8. OUT

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