Posted by: a2cristina | April 14, 2016

Third Conditional – Speaking activity



  1. What would you have done if…
  • you hadn’t come here today?
  • You hadn’t decided to learn English?
  • You had had time today?
  • You had been born with superpowers?
  • You had followed your parents’ advice?
  • You had won the lottery recently?
  • You had found 500 Euros on your way here today?
  • You had seen a UFO?
  • You had met your great-great-grandparents?
  • You had lived in the 19th Century?
  1. What would you have worn if you had been to a party yesterday evening?
  1. How would your life have been different if you had been born a girl / a boy?
  1. What would have happened if America had not been discovered yet?
  1. Tell your partner about a big decision you have made in your life, and then decide with your partner how your life would have been different if any of those decisions had gone the other way.



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