Posted by: crisdiaz24 | May 5, 2016

Expressing Purpose



A: Put one word into each of the sentences below.

  • I volunteered to help clean the streets _______ order to attract more tourists.
  • I temporarily suspended him from school so ________ he could reflect on his actions.
  • This is a device _______ triggering explosions from a distance.
  • Please use shorter sentences with linking words ______ explain your ideas in a more straightforward way.
  • The goal ___________ undergoing the treatment myself was to understand the feelings on the patients.

B: Correct the mistakes

  • I’ve put it online for to reach a sufficient number of people to have an influence.
  • I also work as a private tutor in order to I can supplement my income.


  1. Choose one thing below and ask for explanations. The best reason wins.
  • You dropped out of school.
  • You asked your boss to relocate one of your colleagues to a different Spanish Comunidad.
  • You assured your boyfriend/ girlfriend that you were at home yesterday evening.
  • You automated marking of essays.
  • You bought twelve bottles of spirits.
  • You did not tell your father you had crashed his car into a tree.
  • You inserted a needle into a university computer’s USB port.
  • You intervened in a discussion between two professors.
  • You made a catalogue of everything in your house.
  • You left at regular intervals during a concert.
  • You made every student in the university assemble in front of the nearest station.
  • You released a pirate copy of your own forthcoming film.
  • You set a goal which you know is unattainable for your subordinates.
  • You shot at birds migrating over your house.
  • You wrote a paper with 20 appendices.

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