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  • be addicted to TV
  • couch potato
  • prime time (TV)
  • producer / director / the cast / leading actors
  • television channel
  • television programme
  • viewer




  • A repeat
  • Cartoons
  • Chat show/ Talk show / Interviews: TV host, guests.
  • Commercial breaks / commercials
  • Cooking shows / cookery show
  • Documentaries: Wildlife, History, Science, etc.
  • Quiz Shows / Game shows: contestants, host.
  • Lifestyle (Cars, fashion, hunting and fishing, Makeover, DIY, gardening, Cooking shows, etc.)
  • News bulletin / the news: Anchorman / presenter / newscaster
  • Reality TV / a reality show (Big Brother)
  • Sit-com (Situation Comedy): Friends, Frasier, etc.
  • oap opera / a serial / a TV series / a drama series / Mini-series/ an episode: Crime, Cops and Robbers, Detective TV Series, Medical dramas, Serial drama (Lost), Science-Fiction (Sci-Fi), Paranormal (The X-Files), Period dramas / Costume Dramas (Downtown Abbey), Fantasy dramas (Game of Thrones),
  • Sports
  • Stand-Up Comedies (El Club de la Comedia)
  • Talent Shows
  • Variety shows




  • To channel-hop, To channel-surf, to flick through channels, to zap (informal)
  • To switch off / to switch on
  • To be on / to be broadcast / to be aired / to be shown
  • To be shot / filmed
  • To broadcast – broadcast – broadcast
  • To watch




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