Posted by: a2cristina | May 31, 2016

Reporting verbs – Speaking activity

  1. What would you suggest a slow learner should do in order to catch up with the other students in his class?
  2. When was the last time you admitted having done something wrong? Are you usually afraid to admit your mistakes? Do you know anyone who often refuses to admit the truth? Give examples and try to explain why this is so.
  3. Have you ever been threatened by anyone? Have you ever threatened to do anything?
  4. What would you recommend someone should do if they had come down with a cold / the flu or if they had a blinding headache?
  5. What did your parents warn you about when you were a child? Can you remember any time when you didn’t listen to what you were warned against?
  6. Do you often have to be reminded of things you have to do? Or of people’s names? Do some people remind you of other people? Give examples.
  7. Have you ever bitterly regretted saying something? Have you ever deeply regretted being unable to accept an invitation?
  8. Have you ever been accused of doing something and had to strongly deny the accusation?
  9. Have you ever denied doing something wrong?
  10. Do you always keep your promises? When was the last time you promised to do something?
  11. Can you think of any current situations when a group of people are protesting against something?
  12. When was the last time you apologized for something? Is it difficult for you to apologize?



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