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  1. Why was Nelson Mandela awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
  1. Mention five personality traits which can describe Mandela’s personality.
  1. Write down the dates:
  • Mandela’s birth date:
  • The first time he voted in a government election:
  • How long he was imprisoned:
  • The year he was elected President of South Africa.
  1. What questions must be taken into consideration when studying personality?
  1. What do personality theorists agree on?
  1. What is the purpose of studying personality?
  1. Who was Sigmund Freud?
  1. What did Freud’s patients have in common?
  1. What is the Id?
  1. What is the conscious part of our personality?
  1. When does the Super-Ego develop?
  1. What does psychoanalysis stress?
  1. What is brilliant about Freud’s theories?
  1. What does the child develop during the oral stage?


  1. He ended (brought an end to) racial Apartheid in South Africa.
  2. wise, idealitic, enigmatic, private, pragmatic, attentive, practical, charming, courteous…
  3. 1918 – 1994 – From 1964 to 1990 (26 years) – 1994
  4. heredity and environment
  5. we are all born with some of the elements of personality, but the rest we learn through our interaction.
  6. To understand individual differences.
  7. A Viennese physician who lived from 1859 till 1939.
  8. Repressed sexuality and a complex around this repressed sexuality.
  9. The primitive part of our personality that is present at birth and is totally unconscious.
  10. The Ego.
  11. Around the ages of 5 or 6.
  12. The importance of unconscious mental processes.
  13. He formulated the development of personality in terms of a biological time schedule / along time.
  14. Security / a mother-child bond.



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