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  1. Who founded the Mongol Empire?
  2. Which candidate won the American elections last month?
  3. Who lost the American general elections?
  4. What passenger liner sank after hitting an iceberg in 1912?
  5. Who caught the plane at the end of Casablanca in 1942?
  6. Who resigned as leader of the Spanish Socialist party earlier this year?
  7. Which British band has just released a new album after a decade?
  8. Who crossed the Rubicon River in 49 B.C.?
  9. Who was the woman with a famous smile? A famous Italian painter painted her portrait?
  10. What Spanish director has made the film La Reina de España?
  11. Who played the main role in the Jason Bourne films?
  12. Who won the 1995 Oscar for Best Actor in Forrest Gump?
  13. What Egyptian pharaoh introduced monotheism to the country?
  14. Which French president will retire as president next year?
  15. Who fell in love with Romeo and married him in secret in Verona?
  16. What harbour was attacked by the Japanese in December 1941?
  17. Who died at St. Helena in 1821?
  18. Who sang Philadelphia in the film of the same name?
  19. Who was the famous detective with a friend called Dr Watson?
  20. Who invented dynamite?
  21. Who wrote the story of Dr Frankenstein?
  22. Which astronaut died last week? He was the first one to orbit the earth in 1962.
  23. Who discovered Penicillin?
  24. What British politician has become Foreign Secretary after the Brexit referendum?
  25. Who came from Krypton and tried to save the world from all evil?


  1. Who became King of Spain in the year 1975?
  2. What Italian Prime Minister has just resigned?
  3. Who stars in Clint Eastwood’s latest film?
  4. Who has written The Baztan Trilogy?
  5. Who has painted El Árbol del Membrillo and the Gran Vía?
  6. Who played the boxer in four Rocky films from 1976 to 1985?
  7. Who became American President after the resignation of Richard Nixon?
  8. Who won the Battle of Trafalgar?
  9. Which American president died in the year 1945 before the Second World War ended?
  10. Who built El Escorial?
  11. Which Spanish King lost his Armada in the XVI Century?
  12. Which author won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016?
  13. Who died at the end of the film Titanic?
  14. What Chilean writer wrote 20 poemas de Amor y una Canción Desesperada?
  15. Which French painter went to Tahiti and painted the women of the island?
  16. Which band sang the song Let it Be?
  17. Which British Prime Minister had to resign after the Brexit results came out?
  18. Which Spanish woman wrote a famous dictionary in the XX Century?
  19. Which famous princess died in a car accident in Paris in 1998?
  20. Who sang the song Rehab?
  21. Which country is thought to have leaked reports to the CIA during the General Election last month?
  22. Who is buried at the collegiate churchin Santillana del Mar?
  23. Which British Prime Minister was captured by the Boer forces and then escaped in the late nineteenth century?
  24. What Spanish song celebrates one of the former person’s ancestor? He won the Battle of Blenheim in Germany.
  25. Who became President of the USA after Carter lost the elections?

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