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  • We use have if it is clear that the person referred to in the subject of the sentence is not responsible for or has no control over what happens.

e.g. I had my appendix removed when I was six.

They had their car broken into again.

In informal speech some people use get in sentences like this.

  • We use get when we say that the person referred to in the subject of the sentence does something themselves, causes what happens, perhaps accidentally, or is to blame for it.

e.g. I’ll get the house cleaned if you cook the dinner. (=I’ll clean the house).

Sue got her fingers trapped in the bicycle chain. (=Sue trapped her fingers)

We prefer have if we want to focus on the result of the action rather than the action itself:

e.g. I’ll have the house cleaned by the time you get home.

Sue had her fingers trapped in the bike chain for half an hour.




Complete these sentences with the most likely form of have or get.


  1. Carl had food poisoning and had to __________ his stomach pumped.
  2. She left the lights on overnight and in the morning couldn’t __________ the car started.
  3. We always __________ the car cleaned by the children who live next door.
  4. When they __________ it explained to them again, the students could understand the point of the experiment.
  5. I won’t __________ my valuable time taken up with useless meetings!
  6. We __________ the painting valued by an expert at over $20,000.
  7. When he tried to tidy up his desk, he __________ all his papers mixed up.
  8. I won’t __________ Richard criticised like that when he’s not here to defend himself.




  1. HAVE
  2. GET
  3. HAVE
  4. HAVE
  5. HAVE
  6. HAD
  7. GOT
  8. HAVE




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