Posted by: a2cristina | February 14, 2017



  1. What are you doing next weekend / for Lent / at Easter / in June / next summer? Have you made any arrangements yet?
  2. What do you think you will do when this speaking activity is over?
  3. What do you think the weather will be like tomorrow?
  4. What are you planning to do when you pass the B2 exam?




Do you think…


  1. you will be happier in 10 years’ time than you are now?
  2. you will be much richer in 10 years’ time than your parents were at the same age?
  3. that in ten or twenty years’ time your best friends will still be the same ones as they are now?
  4. that your children will have a better future than you?
  5. you will be able to retire at 65?


Ask your partner(s) whether they…


  1. will be doing a lot of driving this weekend.
  2. will probably be sitting on a bus or train in a couple of hour’s time.
  3. won’t be eating at home tonight.
  4. will probably have moved house by this time next year.
  5. won’t be coming to the next lesson.
  6. will have taken some important exams by the end of the year.
  7. will be celebrating their birthday at home this / next year.
  8. think they will have achieved all their life goals by 2027.
  9. don’t think their political or religious ideas will have changed ten years from now.
  10. will definitely still be studying English this time next year.

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