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Social media: vocabulary, Speaking and Listening activities




chat – communicating in real-time through computers or smart phones, by writing messages back-and-forth, this is communication involving two or more people

chat room or chatroom – an  area within a website where ‘chats’ happen

emoticon / smiley / emoji – a pictorial representation of a facial expression, which is used in writing to help the reader of a message know the writer’s emotions, for example:

messaging/instant messaging/IM –  this is like chatting, but is on-line communication, generally only between two people and sometimes this is not done in real-time.

URL – this stands for Unique Resource Locator; it is the technical term for a web address like

viral/to go viral – anything that is shared in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and gets passed along to many people very rapidly it viral, to go viral is verb to talk about this happening, for example: This This blog post has gone viral!

wiki – a web page, or group of pages, that can be edited or changed by a group of people, a web page with many contributors who are not paid for their contributions.

blog – a personal or professional website which is updated on a regular basis with an individual’s or company’s thoughts/ideas/opinions and/or educational information.

blogosphere –  the entire world of blogs on-line and the conversations or information sharing taking place within the blogs

comments –  most blogs allow readers to add their own thoughts or opinions, by leaving comments; this is a way of giving feedback to the writer of the blog.

subscribe  – this is like becoming a fan or a member of a blog; subscribing allows a person to be notified when new blog posts are written, it is the on-line equivalent of signing up for a magazine.

meme – this is the name of a pictures that also has writing or a message on the picture; these are often shared on Facebook (often abbreviated FB or Fb); this term also means any idea, style or action which spreads through mimicry.

like’ – this is exactly what it says, if you ‘like’ something on Facebook, by clicking the ‘like’ button, it means you like it; you can ‘unlike’ something you have previously liked, but you cannot ‘dislike’ on Facebook

news feed – on Facebook this is the center column of a person’s home page; it is constantly updating with new stories and information, pictures, and events from friends.

tag – this is the action of attaching a person’s name to a picture of them on Facebook; for example, someone might say to you “tag me in that photo on Facebook”, by this they mean ‘add my name to that picture so other people can see this picture of me on Facebook’.

hashtag – a word or group of words that starts with  number sign (#) and is used to group together similar ideas and topics; for example #firstworldproblems.

trending – a word, phrase or topic that is popular on Twitter at any given moment.

tweet – a message sent on Twitter.



  1. Discuss the following questions with a partner.
  2. How important are these things in your interaction with other people:
  • your phone,
  • social-networking sites,
  • other forms of communication?
  1. In what ways do you use them?
  2. have these things improved your social life? Why / Why not?
  3. Are you an active social networks user?
  4. How many social media accounts do you have?
  5. Which social network is your favourite?
  6. How often do you check your social media accounts?
  7. Are you a social media addict? Take the following quiz. Check your score with your teacher. never (0pts) occasionally (5pts) often (10pts) always (20pts)
  8. I check Facebook on my phone first thing in the morning when I wake up.
  9. I take a picture of my meal and post it instantly on social media.
  10. I ask my friends to check my photos on social media.
  11. I check my social media accounts several times a day.
  12. I take a break and stay away from social media.
  13. When I hear something I like, I remember to post it as my status on Facebook.
  14. I know the number of my friends and followers on social media.
  15. I feel disappointed when my posts do not get many likes on Facebook.
  16. I spend a long time on social media looking at what my friends have been up to in their lives.
  17. I feel happy when I get lots of friend requests on Facebook.





You are going to listen to a two-part recording. Discuss these questions with your partner. Then, listen to part 1 of the recording and answer the questions.

  1. How many social media sites are there on the internet?
  2. Do all social media sites have the same status among internet users? Explain.
  3. What do statistics tell us about social media sites?
  4. How many minutes does an average user spend on social media per day?
  5. Which age group has an average of three social media accounts?
  6. What is the average number of social media accounts per user between the ages of 25 and 34 in the UK?


Listen to part 2 of the recording. Then, complete the following sentences.


  1. There were an estimated ____________________________ users of social media in the world in 2015.
  2. In 2018, the number of social media users is expected to reach ____________________________ worldwide.
  3. Facebook has ____________________________ active users.
  4. WhatsApp has ____________________________ users, ahead of the Facebook messenger app, which has 700 million users.
  5. Twitter is ____________________________ on the list and LinkedIn is last.
  6. In eighth place, we find Skype, Google+ and ____________________________, with 300 million users each.
  7. In the second quarter of 2015, the number of mobile-only active users of Facebook reached ____________________________, which is double of what it was the year before.
  8. This means that 62% of social networks users and ____________________________ of Facebook users accessed the site on their mobiles.


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