Posted by: a2cristina | March 7, 2017

Imaginary regrets


Read the following regrets and guess who might have regretted the following things:


  1. I wish I hadn’t cut my ear off.
  2. I wish I hadn’t declared war on Irak.
  3. If only I hadn’t been sent to prison.
  4. I wish my husband were not guilty.
  5. I wish I hadn’t resigned as leader of Spain’s Socialist party.
  6. I wish we hadn’t handed out the wrong card.
  7. I wish I hadn’t given the card to Faye Dunaway.
  8. I wish he wouldn’t quit Barça.
  9. I wish we didn’t have to pay for leaving the E.U.
  10. I wish I had seen that iceberg in time.
  11. I wish I didn’t have to make up my mind whether to lead the Socialist Party.
  12. I wish I hadn’t written Satanic Verses.
  13. I wish I hadn’t assaulted Parliament in Madrid.
  14. If only I hadn’t gone to Dallas.
  15. I wish I hadn’t trusted Brutus.
  16. I wish I hadn’t spent 27 years in a South-African prison.
  17. I wish I hadn’t sent the Armada to Britain.
  18. I wish I hadn’t abdicated in my son.
  19. If only I hadn’t invaded Russia.
  20. I wish we hadn’t flown so close to the sun.

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