Posted by: crisdiaz24 | March 14, 2017

Life – Speaking



  1. Do you have any lifelong ambitions?
  2. Have you ever been rescued by a lifeguard?
  3. Do you find it easy to talk about your private life? What do you think of celebrities who are always on TV airing their dirty laundry in public?
  4. Is anyone making life difficult for you at the moment?
  5. What film star would you like to meet in real life?
  6. Have you ever had what we call the “chance of a lifetime”?
  7. What is life expectancy for males in Spain at present?
  8. What about life expectancy for females?
  9. Have you ever seen a lifelike statue of a famous person? What about one which had nothing to do with the original?
  10. In your opinion, what criminals should be given a life sentence?

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