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THE BERLIN WALL (1961 – 1989)


  1. 0. The Berlin Wall was a symbol of ideological division and suppression of human rights during the Cold War.


  1. It was in ____________________ that the government of East Germany began to build the wall.
  2. The victors of WW2 gathered at Yalta and Potsdam and divided the country into ____________________.
  3. Berlin was located in the ____________________.
  4. A Soviet blockade attempted to ____________________ the Western allies.
  5. During the blockade, the US and its allies had to drop_____________________ supplies from airplanes.
  6. The western sector contrasted sharply with the economically _____________________ East.
  7. Many people, such as highly _____________________ workers, escaped from East Berlin.
  8. Between 1945 and 1951 _____________________ of the population of East Berlin had fled to the west.
  9. In order to go to West Berlin, East Berliners had to pass through one of three ____________
  10. It was when E. Allan Lightner was prevented from _____________________ East Berlin that a major crisis arose.
  11. American and Soviet _____________________ faced each other for many hours.
  12. JF Kennedy then got in touch with Khrushchev and convinced him to _____________________ them.
  13. Anyone trying to escape was going to be ____________
  14. _____________________ dogs, _____________________lights and minefields were set up to prevent escape.
  15. The Reunification of East and West Berlin was made official on _____________________.





  1. August 1961
  2. four allied occupation zones
  3. Soviet part of the country
  4. starve
  5. food / fuel
  6. poor
  7. skilled
  8. 15-20%
  9. checkpoints
  10. access to / entering
  11. tanks
  12. withdraw
  13. shot
  14. guard – search
  15. October 3, 1990



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