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  1. FIT AS A FIDDLE: This is used to describe someone who is in perfect health.
  2. AND ALL THAT JAZZ: This means that everything related to or similar is included.

Celebrities definitely seem to be starting all the latest trends with fashion, hair and all that jazz.

3. (LIKE) MUSIC TO ONE’S EARS: When you hear exactly what you wanted to hear.

When they read out the results and everyone heard that I got top marks, it was like music to my ears!!

4. CHANGE YOUR TUNE / SING A DIFFERENT TUNE: change one’s ideas, start thinking in a different way, after something has happened.

You’ve definitely changed your tune since the last time I saw you! You used to hate this town!

FACE THE MUSIC: You say this when someone has to accept the negative consequences of something that has happened.

I’m not ready to face the music. I need to figure it out for myself before I speak to them.

6. FOR A SONG: If you buy or sell something for a song, it means it is very cheap.

7. RING A BELL: If something rings a bell, it sounds familiar, but you don’t remember the exact details.

8. DRUM (STHG) INTO SOMEONE’S HEAD:  If you teach something to someone through constant repetition, you drum it into their head.
When we were kids at school, multiplication tables were drummed into our heads.

10. TO BLOW YOUR OWN TRUMPET (GB) / HORN (US) = talk a lot about your own achievements.
Peter spent the whole evening blowing his own trumpet.

  1. Do you know anyone you would describe as being fit as a fiddle?
  2. What would be music to your ears?
  3. On what occasions have you changed your tune?
  4. Can you remember a difficult time when you had to face the music?
  5. Can you tell your partner about something you have bought for a song?
  6. Do you know anyone who often blows his own trumpet?
  7. What kind of things were drummed into your head when you were a child?

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