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Frida Kahlo – Open Cloze Test



Fill in the blanks with ONE suitable grammatical  word.


Frida Kahlo’s maiden name was Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón. She was born 0) __________ 6 July 1907 and died 1) __________ July, 13 1954. She was a Mexican artist who painted many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired 2) __________ the nature and artifacts of Mexico. Stimulated by the country’s popular culture, she employed a naïve folk art style to explore questions of identity, post colonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society. Her paintings often had strong autobiographical elements and mixed realism with fantasy. In addition 3)__________ belonging to the post-revolutionary Mexicayotl movement, which sought to define a Mexican identity, Kahlo has been described 4) __________ a surrealist or magical realist.

Born 5) __________ a German father and a mestizo mother, Kahlo spent most of her childhood and adult life at her family home in Coyoacán, La Casa Azul, now known and publicly accessible as the Frida Kahlo Museum. She was disabled by polio as a child and until a traffic accident 6) __________the age of eighteen years old,  which caused lifelong pain and medical problems, she had been a promising student headed 7) __________ medical school. During her recovery, she returned to her childhood hobby of art with the idea of becoming an artist.

Kahlo’s interests 8) __________ politics and art led to the next stage of her life. In 1927, she joined the Mexican Communist Party, through 9) __________ she met celebrated muralist Diego Rivera, whom she married in 1928. The relationship was volatile and included a year-long divorce; both had extramarital affairs. Kahlo spent the late 1920s and early 1930s traveling in Mexico and the United States with Rivera. During this time, she developed her own style and painted mostly small self-portraits which mixed elements from pre-Columbian and Catholic mythology. Her paintings raised the interest of Surrealist artist André Breton, who arranged for Kahlo’s first solo exhibition in New York in 1938. The exhibition was a success and was followed by another in Paris in 1939. 10) __________ the French exhibition was less successful, the Louvre purchased a painting from Kahlo, The Frame, making her the first Mexican artist to be featured in their collection.

Kahlo’s always fragile health began to decline in the 1940s. However, she was able to hold her first solo exhibition in Mexico in 1953, shortly before her death in 1954. She was 47 years old.

Adapted from:

0) ON





0. ON

  1. ON
  2. BY
  3. T
  4. AS
  5. TO
  6. AT
  7. FOR
  8. IN
  9. WHICH

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