Posted by: a2cristina | October 25, 2018

Speaking exercise on Vocabulary page 160



  1. Do you like taking risks?
  2. Some extreme sports like bungee-jumping or Parkour are becoming extremely popular. Should someone who has dependants risk his / her life unnecessarily?
  3. What personality adjectives would you use for people who take risks, and which ones for people who don’t?
  4. Imagine that a friend of yours asked to borrow a book your late grandparents offered you when you were a child. Would you lend it to them? Would you refuse to lend them the book? Would you compromise?
  5. How quickly do you make up your mind? Is it easy for you to change your mind?
  6. Do you know anyone who is so naive that it is easy for people to take advantage of him / her?
  7. Do you think that deep down you are a self-confident person?
  8. Are you a confrontational person or do you tend to avoid conflict?



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