Posted by: a2cristina | November 27, 2018

Speaking activity on vocabulary page 16



  1. How many languages can you speak fluently?
  2. Do you always tell the truth? In what situations do you tell lies?
  3. Do you usually tell your partner all about your thoughts?
  4. How often do you speak to people on the phone?
  5. Can you remember a time you were abroad, didn’t know the language but could eventually pick up a few words? Give examples.
  6. Do you think you need to brush up your English, or any other language for that matter?
  7. Do you think you would always be able to get by in a foreign country, whichever this country might be?
  8. If you went to an English-speaking country, do you think you would ever be able to pass for a local?
  9. Do you find it easy or difficult to take in what people say? Even in your own mother tongue?
  10. Do you remember a time when you were talking at cross purposes with someone?
  11. Do you ever have problems remembering words, having them at the tip of your tongue? Do you have any special tricks that help you remember them?
  12. Have you ever got the wrong end of the stick when reading a book in a foreign language?
  13. What kind of things can you not get your head round?
  14. What words or phrases can you not get your tongue round in English?



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