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Toys – Cloze Test


Read the text and complete the chart below with a word from the list that comes after the text. Every word can only be used ONCE. There are five words that you do not need to use. Question 0 has been answered as an example.


Being a child in the 21st century is very different, and some would say more complex, than in previous times. What remains constant is that children love playing and that play is regarded as the most 0) __________ way of learning in childhood.

In play scenarios young children are being imaginative, creative; they 1) __________ problems and solve them in contexts that are meaningful and 2) __________ to them while learning about the world and ideas that shape it. With free play sessions increasingly being recognized as an essential component of quality early childhood programs, parents are 3) __________ to support this with appropriate props and educational toys.

Yet, everyone has a story about how their child enjoyed playing with the box that the toy came in, 4) __________ than the toy itself! And baby boomers lament how they used to play with sticks for 5) __________, and old sheets for disguising themselves with, a process we used that came from very creative sources.

So is this 21st century plethora of choices and constant claims that toys are educational really plausible? The brochures and websites implore parents to “check out these brain boosting and skill building infant learning toys […] for the developing mind” and say they have toys that “honour the creative process”.

No evidence is provided to 6) __________ such claims and, in reality, the toys are expensive, and often limited in 7) __________ unless parents interact and teach their children the associated skills and concepts. In many instances they are in fact tied to franchises (Disney, Pixar) that basically want to promote their items with 8) __________ concerns about learning or educational value.

For example, there are 14 toys promoted by an online parenting magazine as being the best educational toys for “brain boosting, skill building, and the developing mind” of infants and 9) __________. A pull along caterpillar comes with the claim that it is “an imagination building toy that kids can use to enjoy hours of fun”. Yet, with no suggestions about what these might consist of apart from pulling it along.


Then, the robot puzzle which is very well made in good quality wood and colourful paint, says that it will allow the children to become skilled in matching pictures – with just three shapes. It will probably do this but it’s a lot to pay for something with only one right result to match the three shapes.

The educational value only comes from the parents interacting with their child, questioning them as they play and asking about strategies and 10) __________ them with knowledge about robots and caterpillars and taking them to see real ones as part of their daily lives.

Adapted from:


EAGER                LESS                  PROVIDING      TODDLERS


ENGAGING         POSE                 SCOPE               WANDS



1         6      
2         7      
3         8      
4         9      
5         10      






  1. POSE
  3. EAGER
  5. WANDS
  7. SCOPE

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