Posted by: a2cristina | February 12, 2019

Modals + Have + Past Participle – Speaking Activity


 Make up situations using Modal verbs + Have + Past Participle.

For example:

My grandfather is always telling us he was a soldier in WWII.

He must have been very young then.

He can’t have been in the war; he isn’t old enough.

He may have lost his mind.


  1. Half the class says they will not come to class anymore.
  2. The American President announced yesterday that he was going to divorce.
  3. You have just started reading a book for the English class. However, you find it too difficult.
  4. You were sick all night.
  5. Yesterday was John’s parents’ wedding anniversary. He didn’t congratulate them.
  6. Mary is excellent at English. However, she failed the exam.
  7. Your best friend has been caught stealing a book from a library.
  8. People from Torrelavega are said to have seen a very bright light in the sky yesterday evening.
  9. I could hear on the news yesterday evening that Almodóvar is not going to make another film after Dolor y Gloria.
  10. The Department of Education decided last year to eliminate some final examinations.
  11. Imagine the greatest scientist in Spain failing a 2º ESO maths exam.
  12. Your husband / wife of 40 years has left you.
  13. Madonna wants to retire from the world of music.

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