Posted by: a2cristina | March 7, 2019

MOBILE PHONES – Speaking Activity

Click on the following link to access a website on vocabulary related to telephones.




  1. What kind of phones do you have? How many phones do you and the other members of your household use?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile phone?
  3. Do you think mobiles will replace landline phones?
  4. Would you be able to live without a mobile?
  5. Do you have a phone on contract or you top it up every so often?
  6. Do you possess a smart phone? If so, what apps do you have? Which ones have you added to the ones supplied when you bought it?
  7. What do you use your mobile for? How often do you use WhatsApp?
  8. How often do you put your mobile on silent mode?
  9. How often does your phone need to be charged?
  10. Do you remember any places where you could not use your phone because the reception was poor or too weak?

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