Posted by: a2cristina | March 28, 2019

What- Cleft sentences




Talk about the following topics. Begin your sentences with What – cleft sentences. Speak about what:



  1. you like about English.


  1. you like about learning foreign languages.


  1. you would like to do on your next holiday.


  1. you would change to improve the Spanish educational system.


  1. you would teach your children so that they could become decent human beings.


  1. you will do this evening.


  1. you would do this evening if you had more free time.


  1. you will do when you pass your English exam.


  1. you enjoy doing in your free time.


  1. you admire the most about politicians


  1. you can’t stand about politicians.


  1. you find difficult about English.


  1. you find easy about English.


  1. surprises you about people.


  1. annoys you about people.


  1. fascinates you about your favourite actor / singer.


  1. you hate most about winter.


  1. you hate most about men.


  1. you hate most about women.


  1. you find annoying about your family.


  1. you usually do when you get angry.


  1. you like best (or least) about Santander.


  1. you really fancy doing next weekend.


  1. you would love to eat or drink now.


  1. you did yesterday.


  1. you want from life.


  1. you need to do today.


  1. you’d like to believe in.


  1. the world needs now.


  1. would almost certainly help you improve your English.


  1. makes young people today different from their parents.


  1. you will be doing in five years’ time.

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