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SLOW ART? IT WILL ‘BLOW YOUR MIND’ – grammatical Cloze Test



Fill in the gaps with ONE word ONLY.



First there was slow food, then slow journalism and now it’s the turn of slow art…

It’s all part of Slow Art Day, an annual global event with some 200 institutions signed up, 0) __________ Tate Modern, Ashmolean Museum, Photographer’s Gallery, Ulster Museum and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

“Many people don’t know how to look at and love art and are disconnected 1) __________ it,” explains Phil Terry, the founder of Slow Art Day. “Visitors to galleries often see art from their iPads or mobile phones and slow art is an antidote to that.

“By slowing down, it helps us to see art in a new way that energises 2) __________ than demoralises, it will blow your mind!”

3) __________ record numbers of people are going to galleries, visitors only spend around 15 to 30 seconds looking at a piece of art, which is 4) __________ time than we tend to spend looking at a page on the internet, according to art critic and founder of The Slow Art Workshop Susan Moore.

She believes it’s very hard for people in the modern world “to concentrate” and people often “rush around” looking at hundreds of artworks but might 5) __________ see none of them.

“There’s this unspoken museum etiquette,” she says, “where everybody stands in a reverential arc about six feet away from a painting but 6) __________ looks at it properly and I think you need the time and space to see one or two paintings and to really look and shut out all the noise.”

One gallery trying to shut out the noise is Tate Modern, which is offering slow art sessions to help visitors get the 7) __________ out of its art including its current Pierre Bonnard exhibition.

“The more you look the more you see,” points out curator Matthew Gale, who believes the best way of looking at an artwork is to follow where the artist takes you and by looking 8) __________ the picture frame.

“If you give them the time, you will see things that are secret, that can intrigue and raise questions about 9) __________ the painting was made and what the artist was thinking.

To get people in the mood for slow art, Christie’s, the V&A and the Natural History Museum have been offering yoga and sound meditation baths 10) __________ visitors step foot into their exhibitions. It’s all about switching on their senses.

“When the Natural History Museum was built and founded it was called a cathedral to nature and people used to come in and take their hats 11) __________ in awe,” says Lucy Woodbridge, head of events at the Natural History Museum, who likens slow art to sacred looking.

“And this is what we want: a place of learning and stopping and a deeper level of engagement and just allowing people to see more.”

So how 12) __________ should we be looking at a piece of art and at what point does it become ineffective?


1 7
2 8
3 9
4 10
5 11
6 12





  1. FROM
  4. LESS
  7. MOST
  9. HOW / WHY
  10. BEFORE
  11. OFF
  12. LONG

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