Posted by: a2cristina | April 16, 2019

Colours – Speaking




  1. Do preferences for one colour or another reflect a person’s psychology?
  2. Does the value attributed to colour simply reflect cultural rules?
  3. What moods and emotions do you usually associate with red? With green? With blue? With yellow? With other colours? What colour(s) express(es)
  • anger
  • peace and quiet, harmony
  • happiness and joy
  • sadness
  1. What would a world without colour be like?
  2. How do colour-blind people see the world?
  3. Are some countries more “colourful” than others? How colourful is Spain?
  4. Have some periods in history been more colourful than others?
  5. Do you dream in black and white or in colour?
  6. Which colours are, in your opinion, warm? Which ones are cold?

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