Posted by: a2cristina | May 7, 2019

What should they do? Speaking Activity



In pairs, make up suggestions or recommendations to try and help the following people.

For example:

  1. John has an exam tomorrow but he is not feeling well.

I suggest he should take a tablet, go to bed and relax.

  1. Claudia’s child is running an extremely high temperature.
  2. Joe has problems getting to sleep at night.
  3. Sue cannot drive but would like to.
  4. Some tourists want to go pub crawling in Santander.
  5. An English friend of yours, Geoff, would like to go to a football match in Spain.
  6. Your partner feels he / she is not ready to take the exam at the end of May.
  7. Mary has won €100,000 on the lottery.
  8. Your best friend would like to give up smoking.
  9. Your teacher wants to learn German.

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