Posted by: a2cristina | April 12, 2011


Kitchen Hygiene

The next time you go to the supermarket don’t forget to buy the (0) BIGGEST  (BIG) bottle of kitchen  cleaner you can to (1) ________________  (INFECT) your work surfaces. Recent (2) ________________ (SCIENCE) research in America has shown the kitchen is often the most (3) ________________ (HYGIENE) of all the rooms in the home. The (4) ________________  (COMBINE) of food, heat and dampness means the kitchen is (5) ________________ (POTENTIAL) a breeding ground  for bacteria that can cause stomach upsets and vomiting. The study at the University of Arizona examined 15 homes over 30 weeks. Levels of (6) ________________ (CLEAN) were certainly not below average yet cutting boards and dishcloths were found to contain bacteria in far greater number than elsewhere in the home. (7)________________ (RESEARCH) say ignorance is the cause of the problem and point out that (8) ________________ (ADEQUATE) cleaning can lead to serious food poisoning. The (9)________________  (SOLVE) ? Make sure you clean all work surfaces (10) ________________ (DAY) and keep an eye on that dishcloth!


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