Posted by: a2cristina | March 30, 2012




  1. What book do you recommend your partner should read?
  2. What film do you suggest going to see next weekend?
  3. What towns and cities do you recommend a tourist should visit in Spain?
  4. What villages would you recommend a tourist in Cantabria should visit?
  5. What physical activity would you recommend someone suffering from backache should do?
  6. What do you suggest doing at Easter in Spain?
  7. What tourist attractions would you recommend a tourist in London should see?
  8. What would you recommend an English learner should do to improve their English?
  9. What countries do you suggest someone should visit in Europe?
  10. What gifts do you suggest should be offered to newly-wed couples?
  11. What do you suggest we tell children about Father Christmas?
  12. What would you recommend someone who wants to lose weight should do?

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