Posted by: a2cristina | January 12, 2017

The Passive – Speaking activity

In pairs or in teams, answer the following questions using a passive structure.



  1. Who has directed Sully? (Clint Eastwood)
  2. Who governed Great Britain during the Second World War? (Winston Churchill)
  3. Who has written Falco? (Arturo Pérez Reverte)
  4. Who painted Los fusilamientos del dos de Mayo? (Goya)
  5. What American President visited Cuba in March, 2016? (Obama)
  6. Who discovered radium and polonium? (Pierre and Marie Curie)
  7. Who wrote The three Musketeers? (Alexandre Dumas)
  8. Who painted The Sunflowers? (Van Gogh)
  9. Who built the Pyramids at Gizah? (the Egyptians)
  10. Who invented gunpowder? (The Chinese)
  11. Who has created the Indiana Jones and Star Wars films ? (George Lucas)
  12. Who discovered the Pacific Ocean? (Núñez de Balboa)
  13. Who wrote Fortunata y Jacinta? (Benito Pérez Galdós)
  14. Where is Sir Isaac Newton buried? (Westminster Abbey)
  15. What musician was found dead at his home on April 21, 2016? (Prince)
  16. What was being celebrated when a terrorist drove a lorry through the crowds on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice? (14 July / Bastille Day)
  17. Who was assassinated in Turkey on December 19? (The Russian ambassador to Turkey)
  18. Who was appointed Spain’s new national team coach in 2016? (Julen Lopetegui)
  19. What book has been reprinted for the first time after the end of WWII in Germany? (Mein Kampf / My Struggle)
  20. Where will Donald Trump presidential inauguration be held? (In Washington)





  1. Who has written The Legacy of the Bones? (Dolores Redondo)
  2. Who painted The Garden of Earthly Delights? (El Bosco)
  3. Who invented the printing press? (Gutenberg)
  4. Who invented the modern steam engine? (James Watt)
  5. Who beat Hillary Clinton as future President of the United States? (Donald Trump)
  6. Who found the rabies vaccine? (Pasteur)
  7. Who built the Alhambra? (the Arabs)
  8. Who invented dynamite? (Alfred Nobel)
  9. Which country conducted their fifth and largest nuclear test in September, 2016? (North Korea)
  10. Who created Microsoft? (Bill Gates)
  11. Who composed The Brandenburg Concertos? (Johan Sebastian Bach)
  12. Who has directed The Revenant (Alejandro González Iñárritu)
  13. Who has created Mafalda? (Quino)
  14. Who sculpted Moses? (Michelangelo)
  15. When was a nightclub attacked in Istanbul? (On New Year’s Day)
  16. What was voted in Britain on June 23, 2016? (Brexit / The fact that the United Kingdom leave The European Union)
  17. Where is Napoleon buried? (in Paris / at The Invalides)
  18. Which Spanish TV presenter has been criticised over the outfit she was wearing on New Year’s Eve? (Cristina Pedroche)
  19. Which Manchester City manager has been heard to say he will resign soon? (Pep Guardiola)
  20. What actress was chosen to play Princess Leia in the first Star Wars films? (Carrie Fisher)

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