Posted by: a2cristina | March 14, 2017



0. Over the centuries, man has learnt to use the earth’s resources in order to survive.

  1. Today, mankind is worried about the fact that we might be _____________________ our planet.
  2. We must try to manage the earth’s limited resources to ensure…
    1. continued _____________________,
    2. a(n) _____________________ planet.
  3. In the last fifty years, the earth’s population has nearly _____________________.
  4. In the future, most people will be living in _____________________ of developing countries.
  5. _____________________ and _____________________ pollution will be the main environmental concerns.
  6. Throughout history we have been aiming at ______________________ gains.
  7. However, we have recently begun to focus on _____________________ development.
  8. Human activity should aim at leaving a _____________________ footprint [1]on our planet.
  9. _____________________ and _____________________ can help grow more food, but they can also poison the _____________________ and the _____________________.
  10. Oil and natural gas provide us with a natural source of _____________________ and energy, but contribute to pollution.

[1] Footprint: a measurement of the size, effect, etc. of something. Impacto, huella.


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