Posted by: a2cristina | October 12, 2009



To turn up: to arrive or appear somewhere, usually unexpectedly or in way that was not planned.

To collect: to go to a place and bring someone or something away from it.

To get a KICK out of sthg: to get a strong feeling of excitement or pleasure. (listen to Frank sinatra on You Tube: I get a kick out of you, by Cole Porter).

Gig: a single performance.

Mainstream: accepted by most people. Predominante, convencional.

To delete: to erase.

To come close to +-ing: to almost do sthg.

To BREAK a record: The best or fastest ever done. Batir un record.

To put sthg down to sthg else: to attibute.

Up-and-coming: likely to achieve success soon or in the near future. Con mucho futuro, prometedor.

To punch: to hit with one’s fist.

To show off: to behave in a way intended to attract attention or admiration that other people find annoying. Alardear, presumir.

To starve: to become very weak or die, because there is not enough food to eat.

dizzy: feeling as if everything is spinning round and being unable to keep your balance and about to fall down. Mareado.

To be concerned WITH

To have a go: to try.

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