Posted by: a2cristina | December 11, 2009



Fill in the gaps with a word from the box. Only use each word once.

selfish                  bad-tempered                  tough                                    crafty                      sensitive

sensible                strict                                    trustworthy                       dull                          shy

mean                     reliable                                 stubborn                             silly                          nice

cheerful              sympathetic                      clumsy                                  loyal                         gentle

1.  Janet is incredibly_____________ . She always arrives on time and does

her job well.

2.  It’s impossible to say anything to his grandmother. One word and she starts crying. She is so     ________________.

3.  I wonder why he is so ________________ . He has got lots of money but he

hates spending it.

4.  When she was a child, her parents were incredibly _____________ .

Whenever she did the smallest thing wrong, they would send her to bed.

5.  Ann is such a_________________ girl. She is always laughing and smiling.

6.  I’ll give you a lift home if you are______________________ to me.

7.  She was so _______________  and understanding. When I told her about my

problems, I immediately felt better afterwards.

8.  In westerns, the hero is always __________________ . He always beat his

enemies and can put up with any hardship.

9. That’s the second plate you’ve broken this week. Why do you have to be so ________________?

10. I think he is an extremely ______________  boy. He laughs at stupid

things and never concentrates in class.

11.  Children are often really _____________ . They hide behind their

mothers  when  guests come.

12. Don’t be __________________  Cathy. You’ve got to learn to share things

with other children.

13.  She is 100% ___________________ . I’d leave my money, car, anything, for her

to look after.

14.  When I broke my leg, the nurse was so_________________ that she hardly

hurt me at all.

15.  Why do you get angry all the time? You are so_______________ .

16. Bob is my best friend. He remained ___________________  through all my problems.

17. He is such a ______________  person with his boring little job and his

boring little wife.

18. He is terribly _______________ . Once he has made up his mind, it’s

impossible to get him to change it even if it’s obvious that he is wrong.

19. The general was really ______________ . Just when the enemy thought it had won the battle, he played his best card.

20. Come on, Maria! You can’t go on a country walk wearing high heels. Do be ________________ for once.


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